Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Importance of Cover Art

Hello everyone!
So I'm back to talk about something I feel is very important!
The EVER important issue of never judge a book by it's cover.

Unfortunately in this day and age, cover art is a massive part of the e-book/real book world. If your cover is boring and not very engaging, I'm sad to say that most people, including myself, will not pick it up and most CERTAINLY won't purchase it.

I also believe in the importance of a good title and fonts, but that's for another blog!

Good cover art is essential in catching the reader's eye. I can't count how many times I've seen a cover with a singular object and some sparkles, leaving the author wondering why it didn't sell. All I know, is that color, a point, and good technical effort is involved. Not to mention the cover having SOMETHING to do with the storyline. Nothing is worse than having a romantic type cover, happy and  full of love on a book having nothing to do with romance and more about horror and death. Or perhaps, a completely "blah!" cover on a story worthy of so much more!

That is why I urge all authors to seriously think about their cover art.

Next step, would be to "investigate" or "study" cover artists. Don't ever go with them just because other people say good things. Some of them rush jobs, and some of them make you wait weeks, sometimes MONTHS until a cover is shown. Most times, nothing worthy of the wait. Some distressing stories have even popped up about cover artists who take either full amount or half up front and never return emails. No cover in sight and you're out anywhere from $50-$500. Unfortunately, I will also say that cheap, doesn't always mean better. Sure, you can get some AMAZING covers for cheap, but communication and professionalism is just as important as anything else.

I always tend to tell others to look at their portfolio too, not just their other book covers. What is their every day art like? Is it appealing to you? Is the STYLE something that you want/like?

I've had my cover art done by the amazing Phatpuppy Art. Someone who is all the things mentioned above and as fast as a tornado. I also owe my thanks to the font artist, who also has the big job of making the words match the feeling of the cover. Thank you, Bookish Brunette!

I will add links to the bottom of my blog, if you'd like to check any of the two out :)

Please feel free to use the comments to discuss further on the topic!

Also, keep watching out for the second best day of the year, April 1st! My cover reveal! First best being the re-launch on May 1st :)  "The Color Keepers" is coming soon!!!!!

Catriona Crehan
XXX - Book Cover Artist - Font Artist/Promotions

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  1. I could not agree more, Catriona. You have a good grasp of the issue. I know that when I am looking for a new or different book, and I am not familiar with the author, the ONE thing that gets me to pick up that book is the cover. It is only THEN that I will look at the story description, etc. But the cover and the title layout, etc. are the attention-grabbers. Thanks for posting a really good topic!

  2. If you find yourself a good cover artist, keep with him. Mine is Ronnell Porter, and he hasn't disappointed me yet.