Friday, 8 March 2013

The Weekend is Here!

Hello fellow readers and authors!
So, as my title says, the weekend is here, and I want to hear what all you guys have planned.

As for myself, I plan on tomorrow being the BEST DAY EVER!
 photo tumblr_m7do11a1Gr1rys4czo1_500_zps7a172b21.gif

I'll do a run through for you guys.

First I plan on making some handmade mother's day cards with my stepdaughter. You know the ones.

Except, knowing myself, I doubt mine will look anything like that. It most likely will have torn edges and glue everywhere. Glitter and gook decorating the floor.

However, I then plan to grab some subway. I love Subway sandwiches and how healthy they are!

Really fantastic! Especially when you're riding a bus and you realize that the back of your ticket is a free subway sandwich coupon! SCORE! Yeah I know, pathetic!

And WHAT?! There's MORE? Yes, yes there is. The whole family is setting out after lunch to see "Oz: The Great and Powerful". 

I just might post a spoiler review tomorrow, so no peekies if you want to see but haven't gotten the chance to yet!  I've heard nothing but good things about it and can't wait to feast my eyes on all the stunning visual effects. Though 3D might not be an option considering the movies hike up the tickets by almost $5 each just for the 3D effect. YIKES!

After a long, great day, I plan on coming home and cooking everyone some deliciously delicious Spaghetti and Meatballs. Yummy yummy in my tummy.

A perfect ending, to a perfect day. Yes? Please tell me in the comments below what your plans are for this weekend, whatever they may be!


The cover reveal date is SET! The big day is April 1st, so get ready to see some amazingly amazing art and font work by the amazingly amazing PhatpuppyArt and Bookish Brunette.

And because my weekend is going to be so amazing, I'll make yours the same, by giving you a snippet of my upcoming young teen book....

The Color Keepers

“That stupid girl, freeing me, she’s probably crying and can’t do anything about it.  Who’s she going to get to fight, some little kid friends of hers?”
I sat back into my chair.  I was going to get what I wanted and this time, no one could stop me… not even a little brat and her “heroes.”
“Your majesty!”
My loyal advisor and most trusted confidant—yeah, right!  He’s more like my joker. Damien, who it just so happens is a crow.  He used to be a human until he hesitated when I asked, “Do I look fat in this dress?”
“What is it NOW, Damien…?”
“Y-y-your majesty, the Emily lady has entered the city.  She brought two warriors to fight.  What shall we do?”  
 So, it turns out she does have courage.  It is such a pity for it to be wasted!
“Nothing, we shall do absolutely nothing.  Watch them. What has my sister said about the matter?”
“Well, your majesty she has sent her servant out to do a deed.  Apparently, she plans to inject the green poison.”
“Hmm, very well.  Thank you, Damien.  That is all for now.  Report to me if anything happens.  I must know immediately if the obtaining of keys occurs.”
“Yes, your majesty.”
My name is Iris.  I am the Crow Queen, the means to an end.


Okay, well that's all for today! See you next time!

Catriona Crehan


  1. Sounds like an exciting weekend!!! :) I can't wait until April 1st.... Although I have sneaky suspicions ;).

  2. I also noticed I was the only one who picked "adventure" for the poll on the side of the page. It seemed like such a broad topic so I could pick it XD.