Friday, 22 February 2013

Favorite Books, Anyone?

Hey Everybody!
So with the release of my book "The Color Keepers" coming up, I'm getting more and more excited every day. Which is why I thought, why not share all our favorite books with everyone! I love reading.

Sometimes I'll finish one and get so excited I have to tell everyone about it! 
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Then you blab on and on and eventually you find that one person...
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Who agrees that there is more to a book than it's pictures? *Raises Hand*
Society has become so watered down, that I find it hard to have stimulating conversation with people my age (20).  Which is why today's blog is about....


So, without further ado, I give you....


My favorite books (and yes, I realize Twilight is included, but I can't help it. *nervous smile*)


So yes, I realize some of these are kids books, but let's not forget, classics never die, ESPECIALLY Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl, who in my opinion are brilliant and my childhood wouldn't have been complete without them :) There of course are so many more, but I'm afraid I'd keep you here for years. So please, tell me in the comments what your favorite books are and maybe even include your favorite authors for the fun of it! I'd definitely love to hear!

See you guys soon, when my book "The Color Keepers" is released this April! 

Catriona Crehan


  1. I posted in the wrong spot first, so I came back to do it again. I love your choices and I already added my two cents. I think that books--really GOOD books--help develop a person's character and vocabulary. It make them more complete and mentally sharp--just like you, Catie! ;-))

  2. My fav books are, The tale of despereaux, The carousel of sorrows, The lovely bones and the omnibus of St. Francis! :D I cant wait to get the book your'e coming out with! :D

    1. I love your choices. Lovely Bones and Despereaux are my favorites :)

  3. Best wishes for a successful launch of your upcoming book, Catriona. Hope it does really, REALLY well.

    My favorites: To Kill a Mockingbird; Les Miserables; The Stranger; novels by Nelson DeMille, Ian Fleming, Alistair MacLean; Sherlock Holmes stories.

    R. Doug Wicker

    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      Lovely choices. I like many of yours as well! :)